Municipal Alliances

Municipal AlliancesIt is essential to the work of Community Ambassadors that we maintain open channels of communication at all times with our municipal officials. Doing so allows us to more effectively support the Latino community, which we represent. Community Ambassadors has aligned itself with the Ocean County Prosecutors office, The Lakewood Police Department, The Ocean County Sheriff’s Office and The Toms River Police Department. The Ocean County Law enforcement was a primary supporter and participant of Community Ambassadors’ first annual public forum held in Lakewood, NJ. The event was coordinated to serve as a safe communication platform for Latinos to express concerns and initiate a dialogue about their existing fears and the cultural climate of immigration. Law enforcement answered questions posed by the public and reassured that Latinos are not being targeted for deportation. Other community leaders and entities were part of the panel and also assisted with bringing clarity the issue at hand.

Most recently, the Prosecutors office has produced, with the help of Community Ambassadors a Public Safety Announcement responding to the concerns of the Latino population. This PSA will be distributed to schools, churches and other public paces starting in 2018.